Social Media is as much Significant as Content in Online Marketing

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You must have read the statement “content is king” a thousand times across the web. Almost all marketing experts make use of this line, and with reason. Indeed, content is a crucial element whether it is in branding or self-promotion. However, it is not the be all and end all, as is assumed by so many people. Social media ranks equally in importance.


It won't be wrong to dub social media as one of the most significant technological advances in today's time. These days, it is associated with everything on internet. Everyone seems concerned about how to get more facebook likes. Thus, it makes sense to spend as much effort and time on your social media marketing as on your content promotion. If you are still not convinced, read on:


People should be able to see your content: What is the point of having marvelous content if it is not seen by anyone? No matter what style of media, from videos to blog posts, is chosen by you, your main aim, of course, is to make it visible to as many users as possible. This can be facilitated by bringing it out there in the open. And what better way to do it than taking the help of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the like? It won't take much time then to increase facebook likes

People should share your content: People should not just see your content, they should also share it. The impact of word of mouth publicity is best experienced in a site like Facebook. Even if just one individual shares a link, it can make your fan page accessible to hundreds, or even thousands, of people. And you do not even need multiple profiles for that!


It is essential to find new ideas for creating new content: It is imperative to find out what people are discussing at present. For this, the easiest method is to turn to social websites and find out the trending topics. For instance, you can engage in a wide scale search in Twitter, specific to your industry, or just have a look around to see what people are talking about in general. A similar function has also been implemented by Facebook recently so that now, you know how to get more facebook likes


You might wish to recycle old content: You would be shocked to discover how much can be wrung out of something that had been posted long ago. This is because new eyes are gained by you everyday, many of whom have not seen your published content. So, every few months, you must post a link to a write-up that had received a lot of positive feedback the first time around. New followers signify a whole new set of people to go through it the second time. You will find several examples of content, which did well the first time, going viral suddenly in the 2nd or 3rd rotation with the increase in the social circle of the publisher.



The full potential of content cannot be realized unless you take the help of social media marketing. Thus, it should be given as much importance and priority as the content itself. That way, the whole mystery of how to get more facebook likes will become clear to you. 

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