Want To Have A Well Crafted Post on Facebook? Here's How

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Most of the FB marketers buy Facebook fans without even contemplating where they are falling short, so that they cannot get them naturally. The reason behind this is often the lack of quality posts.


It is the quality of a post that makes it stand out from the rest. Facebook's News Feed Algorithm needs to be considered when judging the quality of a post. This algorithm determines which content should be displayed where in a news feed.


There are three things on which the placement of the news feed depends:


·         Levels of engagement

·         The relevance of a content to a user


·         And the span of time when the content was posted in reference to when the person or brand last posted.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no way you can trick or manipulate the system. All you can do is follow a few best practices for creating quality content that results in conversion. Here they are:


·         Keep with your strategy and brand identity: Before you buy Facebook likes, remember that nobody likes to read the same old boring content. So, your posts should be an interesting mix of fun and promotional content in order to be likeable. Try to maintain the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the content should be entertaining and 20% promotional.

·         Make sure you post quality content: Do not post for the sake of it. Instead, post something that interests your target audience. Before you click the post button, think how your post can entertain or educate your fans. Once you start doing this, you do not have to buy Facebook fans as you will get them naturally. However, keep in mind that over-posting does not help your business, but only turns away your followers.

·         Use images: As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, you should definitely include interesting images on Facebook. The ideal image size for FB is 403px by 403px. If your photo is not of the right size, use the 'reposition photo' tool to correct it. In case you are willing to share an article, use an image to visually represent it and add a link in the copy.

·         Make use of shortened links: You should either delete the link you want to share from the text copy or use a shortened link. If you want to delete a link, but keep the article, you need to paste the link in the post copy and let it populate. Once it shows, delete the link from the text copy. In case you want to post an image and also include its link, you should use a link shortening website.

·         There should be a Call to Action button: CTA buttons like 'Share', 'Click here' etc. should be there in your post irrespective of its objective.

·         Include @mentions and hashtags: Categorization of posts needs to be done with relevant hashtags. In order to make a live link to another business or news website cited by you, you need to use @mentions. Using these helps other interested people find your content, helping you increase Facebook likes for your post.

You can obviously go ahead and buy Facebook fans to make your business more popular, but following the discussed best practices will give quite a few naturally.




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