Is Facebook Still the Best Platform for Marketing Your Business?

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Given the various other social networking sites that operate now, are you skeptical about only using Facebook as the marketing platform for your business? Are you thinking whether it is at all worth it to invest your time and money? Well, shun away all your doubts because Facebook is still the most popularly used social networking site; and this is the reason why businesses still want to get likes on Facebook.


Here are a few tips to revive your Facebook business strategy:


Be active on Facebook: People do not like to see stale old content. So, being active i.e. posting regularly on FB is the first thing you should do to grab the desired attention. Regular posts do not mean posting everyday, but at least once a week. You should not only post about your products but also include some personal details like how the idea of making such a product came to you and how you think it can help consumers etc. This way, your consumers can understand you and your business better.


Offer special things to your target traffic: Keep on offering special deals and discounts to your audience now and then. This way, you can get likes on Facebook, which, in turn, makes your content shareable, thereby bringing you more business.


• Respond: When someone comments on your post, make sure you answer them. Otherwise, your target customers won't be able to connect with you. Remaining aloof and not answering will only widen the gap between you and your consumers, which is anything but good for your brand reputation. Instead, if you answer them, they will feel that you do consider them important, which can make them more inclined to buy from you.


• Clear contact details: If a user hits the 'like' button for your page, he or she is obviously interested in what you have to say. So, make sure they get to know you, and the best way to do so is by clearly mentioning your contact details. This is, in fact, a very important Facebook business strategy. You can either have it right on your FB page or have a link of your business site, which should have all your contact details. Including maps enhances your contact information.


• Do not sell 24/7: You should not be selling something each time you post on FB. Instead, what you should do is create and share informative articles, relevant customer testimonials and behind-the-scene videos, so that your customers feel that you are not on FB for a purpose. You should also hold competitions or ask interesting questions to your consumers. All these make your business trustworthy.


• Customer service: Besides being a platform for marketing your product, FB is also a customer service portal that requires proper monitoring. So, effectively use the platform to respond to the various queries and complaints of your customers. When your customer sends you a complaint, respect it and reply in a timely manner. Not doing so harms your reputation in the long run.


To wrap up, it can be said that no matter how many new social networking sites come up, Facebook is here to stay; a fact that is evident from its ever-growing membership. So, do not be misguided, keep trying to get likes on Facebook. And now that you have the tips, the job won't be that tough.


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