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Are you wondering why people want to get more likes on Facebook? Well, because they want to cash in on the huge popularity of social media. However, before we begin with the various platforms that can be used for social media marketing, let's try to understand what social media marketing exactly is. To begin with, it should be said that it is a form of internet marketing. It involves promoting in several social networking sites for the purpose of popularizing a brand. It primarily covers activities like sharing content, images, videos – all for the purpose of publicizing a product or service.


Now, coming to our topic, let's discuss the various social media platforms that you can use for advertising your products or services. Each of these platforms has a different format, thus requires a unique plan for attaining success in each of these.




We cannot help but begin our discussion with this platform because it is the most popularly used. Your work here begins with creating a Facebook Business Fan Page. You need to pay attention to the visuals of the page as that is a component that can get more likes on Facebook for you. The next thing you need to do is keep the content of the page updated. You need to keep posting fresh articles, videos, images, etc. so that viewers get to see something new every time they come to your page. This way, it becomes easier to get likes on Facebook.


Facebook is a platform that presents great many opportunities for all kinds of businesses. While the new ones can use it to develop awareness across a wide variety of regions, the already established ones can use it to advertise their products and services. Facebook ads allow you to narrow down your target to particular segments of the audience and location and even the interests of users as mentioned in their profiles, which may include cooking, sports, travel, technology etc. So, the platform makes it easier for you to get in touch with people who are likely to buy your products and services.




This platform allows you to broadcast your updates on the internet. If you follow tweeters in your related fields, you can gain yourself a steady flow of followers. You may mix your official tweets with something special like discounts and new updates to make it more interesting and fun. Do not forget to answer questions asked by people. Twitter primarily involves dialogues, so do not miss doing that.




Presently, if there's a site that can beat the craze for likes on Facebook, it is Google+. It has the same fun and casual atmosphere as found on Facebook. Google+ allows you to share content, images, videos and, of course, post. Google+ has circles which allow you to divide your followers into smaller groups; this way, you can share information with just one group, barring the others. With Hangouts, you may also have video conferences, which makes marketing more fun.




If you want to market your products through videos, YouTube is undoubtedly the place to be. Creating informative and instructive “how-to” videos can work wonders in the platform.


So, you see it is not without reason that businesses want to get more likes on Facebook. Social media marketing is the norm of the day. Get started with it to make the most of the different available platforms.




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