Facebook Likes are Keys to a Sustained Flow of Business


Social networking sites such as Facebook are being used increasingly by manufacturers of products and services as a form of publicity. These media are used as platforms of advertising as they are accessed by millions of viewers worldwide and offers an unmatched coverage. The popularity of a Facebook page depends largely on the 'likes' it earns, and as such it should be the objective of advertisers to make these earnings to maximum extent possible. Likes for Facebook being determinants of a page's popularity necessitates that it gets them in greater numbers.


For generating likes, it is important that the number of visitors to your Facebook is substantial. Generation of likes in most cases is a calculative process involving external factors. Internal factors have a good chance of being monitored or manipulated to the advantage of a Facebook site. Such manipulations in the long run are harmful for any networking site, and more so if the site concerned is of a manufacturer or service provider. It is essential to get genuine 'likes' for a service or product as publicized by a company in its social network medium site.



Likes for Facebook being indicators for the acceptance of commodities or services needs to be given importance by these site owners. Probability of getting these increases with the relevance of your networking sites. Earning of 'likes' should be the priority of marketers who depend on networking media for creating brand awareness or increasing market presence. Likings have a progressive effect as one 'like' is bound to encourage others to follow suit, at least marginally. Shortly, this creates a multiplier effect, and the number of visitors with positive reactions are bound to improve significantly.


Advertisers and manufacturers must make efforts to convince associates and trusted viewers to send in likes for Facebook to the maximum extent possible. There are several professionals who send likings. Owners of these sites on a networking platform such as Facebook must convince these professionals to 'like' their products and services. It must be realized that since a social media site is accessed by millions and there are friends' groups within these millions, a member could convince other group members to 'like' a service or commodity. A horizontal spread is essential for awareness of a manufacturer or service provider through a social networking site. This spread could only be ensured by visitors and satisfied members.


Awareness could be generated by professionals also. Advertisers and marketers need to approach these professionals and convince them for liking their product or service. Being professionals, these companies are capable of generating multiple likes once they get convinced. The onus of convincing lies entirely with companies that want to use social networking sites for publicity. Likes for Facebook is a certain way of creating sufficient interest among members and followers to purchase a product or service. As the number of members in Facebook is ever increasing, the chances of creating a liking for a product or service is considerably high. A wise marketer should capitalize on this popularity of social media sites.

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