Varied Methods of Using Facebook for Social Media Marketing

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Facebook can be dubbed as the most popular of all social networking sites and therefore, your social media efforts should start with this reigning platform. Whether you are a small local biz or a big corporation, you should utilize this potent marketing tool to keep existing as well as potential customers informed, widen your reach and develop brand identity.


Now, let us have a look at how you can use FB effectively to fulfill your purpose:


Be relevant: Those who like your page on FB expect your updates to have some kind of relevance with your brand or niche. That is also how you can increase facebook likes. Having such a narrow focus may appear limiting, particularly if you are the one responsible for crafting the posts on a daily basis. However, instead of fussing over it, take it as a challenge.


• Write about a recent event and then tie it to your industry or brand.

• Search for a funny YouTube video that is loosely associated with your industry or brand and share it.

• Ask users to post stories, pictures or questions to your wall regarding your brand.


Always remember that it does not take much to unlike a page. A single off-topic or odd post could remove you from the stream.


Ask proper questions: One smart way to increase facebook likes is to ask entertaining and interesting questions. However, that should not prompt you to ask any question you like because there are certain rules to it. For instance, you should ask questions which can be easily answered. Users find questions that need only one-word answers to be the most engaging. Also, people love talking about themselves; so, if you make the questions more about them, you are more likely to get quick and several replies.


increase facebook likes

Include pictures: Facebook is different from other social media sites like Twitter in the sense that the latter is a link economy while the former is a picture economy. For this reason, every status update of yours should comprise a picture. Also, since a tiny version of the photo is presented by FB, it is essential to get up, close and personal. This will definitely get you more facebook likes.


Celebrate your achievements: Did you reach any milestone lately? Then, share it with your fans. Even if it is not something big, pull them in by thanking them and rejoicing with them just as you would do with your pals. Such an update usually enjoys a high degree of engagement.


Activate your FB fans: Your FB audience is not merely a list but a club; you cannot expect to satisfy the sociological and intellectual desires of a club through a single short status update daily. Get creative and interesting. Remember these are your most enthusiastic customers. Therefore, do not bore them to the extent that they contemplate unliking your page or lose interest altogether.


Adopting any of these techniques can help you increase facebook likes of your business fan page. The good thing about all these methods is that they do not require any investment; all you need is some creativity and patience.



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