Why Should You Use Social Media for Promoting Your Business

social media marketing

Social media is here, there, everywhere; so, if you are not present in it, you are at risk of losing a considerable percentage of potential customers for your business.

Social networking sites like Facebook can no longer be dismissed as a platform for sharing photos and posting inconsequential updates. In fact, social media marketing is touted to be the next big thing in the world of advertising.This makes the use of social media a necessity for any business for effective promotion and marketing.


social media marketing

Some of the obvious reasons why you should use social networking sites for business promotion are:


Wider reach: The extent of reach that social media has cannot be offered by any other marketplace. If you consider Facebook, it has more than 500 million active users with an average age of 38. You can reach out to them without any extra cost if you choose this social networking platform to market your products or services. Just an impressive number of facebook likes on your business page can work wonders for your enterprise.


Establishing expertise: Social media platforms do not encourage blatant advertising. Instead, you can try out several interesting things to attract users, such as posing questions, giving replies to queries made by others, and publishing meaningful content. All these enable you to develop a fan following which, in turn, can be instrumental in building up an expertise status. This is extremely important in an environment where you have so many competitors breathing down your neck, ready to usurp your position.


Niche markets: As stated earlier, social media sites like FB has an alarming number of users who voluntarily use the platform to interact with friends, share opinions and posts and do a lot of other things. This is exactly why social media marketing is more effective than all other forms of advertising. Here, you reach your target customers in a space where they actually spend their time and are already comfortable. Thus, you can invest your time in nurturing relationships with precisely the right markets.


Reputation management: It is true that Google altered its algorithm recently for allowing single domains to have more than 2 listings for any specific search in their regular web results. Still, social media profiles constitute a great way of gaining more real estate for your personal name or brand within search results. Also, the profiles themselves could be used for building or squatting a strong reputation within those respective communities where you might be searched by people.


Free exposure: Though social networking sites like FB and LinkedIn do have some ad buy options, traditional social media exposure involves zero monetary expenses. For example, you do not need to invest anything to acquire facebook likes. Even if you choose to buy facebook likes, it carries a very small amount which is totally worth it considering the amount of exposure it can get you.


Search engine friendly: You would be happy to know that social media platforms are loved by search engines. Thus, by establishing a prominent presence on FB, Twitter or LinkedIn and engaging in social media marketing, you can utilize these profiles for optimizing your main site.


So, if you do not yet have a social media presence, create it pronto!

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